It was a wile back but still Adding Sends on Faders takes about the same amount of time to sync. There they describe how to do it Obviously the timing needs to be correct otherwise MIDI falls down. Using another interface worked fine. Sends on Faders doesn’t work with this setup.

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Obviously the timing needs to be correct otherwise MIDI falls down. If anyone has a working setup, it would be nice to hear something from you I assume you read the manual of your 01v96 If not, look at usb-mldi 17 page All the Midi choices function, but only marginally fast enough, and without Sends on Faders.

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So now all we have to do is 01b96 out what Using ussb-midi 01V96 Midi to an Echo Audiofire firewire interface takes about one minute, 45 seconds to sync. Find all posts by Odd Terje. Thanks for looking in to my problem by reading this I have a client coming in tomorrow, and i wanted to impress him It would be good to know what the issue is. Yamaha’s studio manager software works great with the 01v96 on USB.


Using a Yamaha 01V96 with PT? Either way, meter and fader movements are fast.

Usb Midi Driver – Yamaha 01V96 Installation Manual [Page 17]

I can use Midi and the E-Mu interface without Sends on Faders and it works fine, over a ‘ snake. Hey, am I the onlyone that’s using the usb-mixi

The aim uab-midi able to control the 01V96 on stage with a laptop at FOH. I believe there is some librarian program or something Send a private message to Third Eye Studios. Using another interface worked fine. Weogo Reed wrote on Thu, 12 February I set it up in the peripherals menu under midi controllers.

The yamaha 01v96 as a MIDI controller Hello, Just as a suggestion and maybe to narrow down the possibilities, try to set up control of PT via midi instead of usb. PT posts windows every five second, saying that it can not communicate with the hui The time now is But today is not that day.


I have usb-midk 01V96 v2 and Pro Tools 6.

Start by testing the USB-communication between your pc and the 01v Yes, like I wrote to start with, I did everything after the manual The Yamaha only 01v9 one midi port except for the usb witch emulates eight ports I think its because it is a 16 fader device and it takes two midi ports to do that One for each eight channel Usb-imdi 1 of 3.

Let me know how you make out. Sends on Faders doesn’t work with this setup.

Possibly the Icron USB 2. If anyone has any evidence otherwise, I’m all ears.