Please check with your supplier for exact offers. Sector Shows the number of sectors per track. Please refer specification pages for full details. Thus, connection cannot be made on the first try. Filelist Displays the contents of the support CD and a brief description of each in text format. Users can reboot their system through the support CD when a bootable disk is not available, and go through the simple BIOS auto-recovery process.

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Expansion slots In the future, you may need to install expansion cards. Technology, which monitors system operation and automatically adjusts CPU voltage and frequency for a cool and quiet environment. Check local regulations for disposal of electronic products.

M2N-VM DH | Motherboards | ASUS Global

Please check with your supplier for exact offers. Native DDR2 maximizes system performance by eliminating the bottleneck when overclocking both the CPU and memory, providing great performance for 3D asys and other aus demanding applications.

Precision Tweaker It offers ways to raise system performance inch-by-inch and step-by-step to achieve maximum performance! The computer cannot receive or transmit data until the computer and applications are fully running.


The keys in the legend bar allow you to navigate through the various setup menus.

ASUS M2N-VM DH драйверы

Page 22 Position the CPU above the socket such that the CPU corner with the gold triangle matches the socket corner with a small triangle. You can update your BIOS only in a few clicks without preparing an additional floppy diskette or using an OS-based flash utility. See pages for details. Specifications and features vary by model, and all m2m-vm are illustrative.

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Check local regulations for disposal of electronic products. Gigabit LAN controllers provide the total solutions for networking needs. Incorrect settings may cause the system to fail to recognize the installed hard disk. Asus Contact Information 3. Table Of Contents Welcome! The BIOS setup screens shown in this section are for reference purposes only, and may not exactly match what you see on your screen.

This chapter describes the motherboard features and the new technologies it supports.

Page Chapter 3: From the Open field, type D: You do not need to clear the RTC when the system la due to overclocking. Of course the remote gives you all of the features of a more traditional remote as well, such as volume control, play, pause, fast-forward or rewind.


Make sure to unplug the power cord before adding or removing expansion cards.

Better sound quality without further stereo equipment cost. Removable Drives Allows you to assign bootable add-in cards attached to the system. Please check with your supplier for exact offers. Carefully insert the CPU into the socket until it fits in place. Users will be able to play LAN games, connect to the Internet, access and share printers, and use Skype from anywhere within range.

Landing Zone Shows the number of landing zone per track. Users can also customize the buttons to suit specific needs. To create a peaceful environment, several new and improved innovations are included to reduce noise and temperature.

ASUS Digital Home Series

PCB color and bundled software versions are subject to change without notice. For system failure due to overclocking, use the C.

This motherboard provides excellent compatibility and flexibility by supporting either bit or bit architecture.