Subscribe to our Newsletter. I set up a very intuitive Automap layout with a total of 15 pages, but 2 basic pages that give me incredible control over the Alchemy and the ability to morph sounds with either the faders on the Zero and the touchpad on my Novation SL Mk2 keyboards.. No power supply included. Of course it could have more features, and moving faders, but that would cost more In the entire time I have been using Automap I have had very few glitches and this is some feat considering that the software talks to pretty much every third party plug-in and DAW out there. Folk Instrument Buying Guides. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies.

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Novation Remote Zero SL

See All Novation Control Surfaces. Find a similar product below or contact our experts for a recommendation of great alternatives.

I set up a very intuitive Automap layout with a total of 15 pages, but 2 nkvation pages that give me incredible control over the Alchemy and the ability to morph sounds with either the faders on the Zero and the touchpad on my Novation Ssl Mk2 keyboards.

The faders are longer than the faders on the keyboard versions. The LCD labelling is very useful, though the sliders a tad short for full-scale mixing duties.

All you have to do to switch between controlling different instruments or areas of your session is click once with the mouse or press one button on the SL, depending on the application. Folk Guitar Novation remote zero sl Guides. Novatiln not only means that simply touching a control will bring up the right row on the display but manual mapping becomes a breeze.


Plug-ins and virtual instruments that novation remote zero sl have usually taken a substantial amount of time to map were instantly displayed across the unit’s two displays.

Novation ReMOTE Zero SL MIDI Controller | Musician’s Friend

Subscribe to our Newsletter. For the money, the Zero MK 2 is an incredible piece of gear – no, it doesn’t have motorized faders, but that just adds another layer of expense and complexity that is just not necessary. The new speed dial feature is an interesting addition and allows you to novatjon any parameter your cursor is over, enabling you lighting quick control over any part of your plug-in. Subscribe to novation remote zero sl free newsletter Subscribe.

Select a new template, scroll through templates, send snapshots, transmit a panic command, etc. The ease and speed of further customisation rdmote also impressive for a version 1. Crossfader for digital DJs.


Post a comment 2 comments. The main difference we see here is that the buttons are now fully illuminated, allowing you to quickly ascertain whether or not a particular control is engaged. Good value for money.

Clear novation remote zero sl touch sensitive controls. Accessories For Orchestral Strings. On the right hand side of the Remote Zero you will find eight touch sensitive faders. If you’ve already got a great keyboard-style MIDI controller but have always desired the novattion functionality of Novation’s ReMote series control To sum up, I really love this device, in fact so much that I have hung on to the review model and it has become my controller of choice in the studio You are now able to quickly preview the state of a certain control without even moving it.


Opening these new versions of your plug-ins will allow them to be automatically mapped novation remote zero sl your Remote SL.

We’re sorry-this item is unavailable. Really nice MIDI controller for the price, frees the hand from the mouse when i am working too much.

Review this product Get the facts. The crossfader is likely to be very novation remote zero sl with digital DJs novation remote zero sl can simply be used as an extra fader if this is not your area. The SL ZeRO will appeal most to those who already reomte a controller keyboard, use one of the supported applications and want to enjoy the speed and convenience of Automap technology which continues to mature nicely.


This is another improvement that allows us to get a good overview of the plug-in we are working on by just glancing at a bank of controls.

Illuminated buttons for clear feedback.

Automap is a great concept. No power supply as standard for use with low power USB hubs.