Select a valid Chinese font, as shown in picture 5; picture 5 Result: Only support i series and OS Image or later There are 2 ways to download start up screen as shown below: Show Printable Version Email this Page. The screens, all equipped with resistive analogue touch screens, include 4. Please DON’T use it for advertising, etc. There is a way to trigger LB automatically.

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After you replace the demo program with yours, then the USB flash will work.

weintek easyview hmi upload – – Interactive Q & A

Ethernet is standard and they are wrintek with the free EasyBuilder Pro software. If [Tracking] is not selected, only text in one state will be moved. Open Project Manager and click the [ Pass-through ] button Check the [ Ethernet weintek hmi i series usb radio boxand click [ Install ] button to install the virtual serial port driver Installing driver You can edit it using EasyBuilder Pro now.

If this is what you’re doing, then wait a few seconds for screen to pop up. Step 2 The picture object needs to use original dimensions.

Move object text in state 0; check the other states to see if weintek hmi i series usb texts in those states all move the same way as in state 0.


If you did a software reset deries calibration and “reset password to default”, you still need to set the download and upload passwords to Check USB, Select your file name and click upload.

EasyAccess 2.0

Users are allowed to use their logos as the start up screen through this method. Click here now to try it.

Show Printable Weintek hmi i series usb Email this Page. The formula for width and height is: The selected Chinese font is invalid, as shown in picture 3; picture 3. OS image or later supports Software version: If error messages appear as picture below when seris project via USB cable, please check follow points: In REgional Options, select [Customize].

November 11th, Please use EasyBuilder Pro V4. Find More Posts by ahmed yousri.

Step 6 At this ub, if [LB] is pressed and force current user to logout, the system will return to initial state. Choose a HMI and click Download button to start downloading the project.

They are programmed using the free EasyBuilder Pro software. You need to Download Easybuilder from the Jsb website. The illustration below shows when [Left Alignment] icon is clicked, the text content are still displayed in the way they are set in object setting. At this time, no user weintek hmi i series usb entered.


Weintek HMI Products

The serial interface of SPRT printers are compatible with RSC standard, the interface socket is rectangle pin female socket, which matches rectangle pin male socket. Recommended SP printer type for customers outside China. One place in the software, 3 places in the touchscreen. The baud rate in serial interface mode is with options of, and bps.

Start the printer by PLC control; 4. Chinese character display weintek hmi i series usb abnormal, for example, characters are weintek hmi i series usb in wrong symbols, as shown in picture 1 picture 1 Cause: To translate using Google, link to Google homepage first: Screen covers up the “1” on the keyboard.